DLS which is managed by Dragon Leader Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Internationally Re-known Investment Conglomerate Rothstar Group, consists of an experienced and highly skilled team of financial analysts dedicated to helping you maximise your earning potential. We believe that trading should be a simple, relaxing and easy affair and have endeavoured to creating a highly sophisticated yet user-friendly trading platform to allow our traders to trade with ease and peace of mind.


We have specifically chosen the trading of short term forex due to its simplicity and that it allows our investors to exercise a much higher degree of control in spite of the unpredictability of the market.In addition, we are committed to providing you with the right resources totake advantage of the benefits short term forex trading. There is a huge variety of markets and asset classes where binary trading can take place, and we are determined to equip you with the necessary tools to maximise your trading profits.


Whether you are a novice trader or a financial and business expert, DLS provides you with the necessary resources; including giving traders full access to vital information such as analyst reports as well as sieving the latest relevant business news for your perusal. Simply by opening an online Forex trading account with us, you are also able to gain access to our revolutionary trading platform, allowing you to put into use the necessary analysis to guide your next investment decision.

DLS understands that having the right resources is essential where Forex trading is concerned, and also provides a resource centre which empowers investors to take advantage of simple yet effective analytical techniques to maximise their profits. Again, our investors are able to utilize these tools immediately on our user-friendly trading platform so they are able to properly time their precise entry and exit of the markets to maximise their profitability.


All of the above reaffirms our commitment to providing you with the right tools to take advantage of the volatility of markets, rather than allow yourselves to be controlled by it. Your success is equivalent to our success, and we are unwavering in our focus to ensure DLS continues on an upward trajectory along with its clients.