DLS is proud to build our Short Term Forex technology within the world renowned MT4 platform to allow our valued clients to take advantage of the various benefits of this award winning platform.

MT4 is a hugely popular electronic trading platform which provides the necessary tools and resources that allows investors and traders to use sophisticated tools to analyse asset prices and execute their trades.In comparison to other forex trading platforms, MT4 allows its clients to employ automated trading techniques and provides a reliable conduit them to put into action their previous analysis.

The MT4 has a variety of powerful features; including chart settings, technical analysis tools and allowing investors to add a variety of technical analysis indicators to their price charts. Traders are even allowed to use drawing tools to customise their market analysis accordingly on an easy-to-use interface.

Based on the above factors, the MT4 has risen to be one of the most popular trading platforms with the markets (especially Forex markets) adopting this platform as the market standard today. DLS is extremely keen to combine the benefits of using a reliable and powerful trading platform together with the simplicity and straightforwardness of Short Term Forex. This is a match made in heaven; trading Short Term Forex requires the investors to use technical tools on a user-friendly, safe and secure platform.