There are many forms of Short Term Forex: among them up/down options, touch options and range options.

  • Up/down Options are the most straightforward and common; all the trader needs to do is to predict whether the asset price will go up or down at the expiry date.
  • Touch Options allows the trader to determine a boundary above or below the current price. If the market price reaches the boundary before the expiry date, the trader earns a profit.
  • Range Options lets the trader choose whether the price will go up or down and if the final prices falls within a given range from the current price. The trader earns a profit ifthe price at the expiry date falls within this range.

For your convenience and advantage, DLS has filtered and chosen the Up/Down Options for its trading platform. While all of these forms of options have their individual qualities, the Up/Down Option provides the most straightforward form for those who trade it and is in line with our philosophy of keeping things simple so you can benefit most from our extensive list of resources and tools.

Get started on rolling your income!

Trading does not get any simpler than in Short Term Forex. Make a trade in just 4 easy steps.

How to Trade:

Step 1: Choose an asset you wish to trade.

Traders are able to choose from major currencies to trade as well as highly popular commodities such as gold and silver

Step 2: Select the desired expiration timeframe.

Traders are allowed to choose from a range from as short as 1 minute to an hour (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1) Depending on the trader’s preference, the profit percentage could be slightly different depending on the timeframe

Step 3: Input the amount you wish to invest.

Traders have a choice to put in as little as $10 to $1000. We give traders the flexibility of putting in a range of amounts so they are able to trade multiple options simultaneously at the same time

Step 4: Choose the direction of your trade.

Click ‘Up’ if you think there will be an upward trend for the particular asset you have chosen based on your technical analysis. Likewise, click ‘Down’ if you think there will be a downward trend. Once you choose the direction, the expiration timeframe chosen will automatically begin counting down.

Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your profits! For each successful trade, you can expect to receive a high return of 70 – 85%.

The industry’s one and only Auto Roller

In addition, apart from simply manually trading Short Term Forex, DLS’s MT4 Short Term Forex platform also allows traders the exciting option to switch to the revolutionary Binary Auto Roller.

DLS’s Binary Auto Roller is an exciting option which gives traders the chance to earn even higher returns from their trades. With an array of technical tools at their disposal, DLS is enthusiastic about traders maximising the use of these resources with our Binary Auto Roller. Trading the Binary Auto Roller is essentially the same as placing a normal Short Term Forex trade with 1 additional steps as follows:

Step 5: Setting Take Profit and Stop Loss Levels

DLS allows you to input the Auto Roller feature which allows traders to automatically replicate their assigned trade parameters (the asset chose, amount invested, expiration date & direction) and this automated trade will continue until it reaches the pre-set take profit or stop loss levels.

This is a powerful tool which allows the trader to do easily multiply his earnings with the proper analysis. In addition, DLS also sets a ‘Stop Loss’ level to help its traders manage their risk.