Using an online trading platform can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Putting the concern of its clients first, DLS has taken the liberty to analyse the main considerations when trading on an online platform, and more importantly how the particular features of each online trading platform most complements the trading of Short Term Forex. After extensive research, MT4 is by far the clear choice; a fact backed by many other Forex brokerage firms around the world.

The MT4:

  • Provides High Security: Online trading of assets (especially forex) is an extremely sensitive issue where it is imperative that the investor is assured there is no danger of attacks or hacks on his account. The MT4 is a highly-secure platform where data is encrypted with a 129-bit key. Along with the fact that the trader's IP address is completely concealed, this provides a high level of security.
  • Has a User-friendly Interface: The MT4 provides an experience which makes trading easy and fuss-free. This allows traders, whether new or experienced, to trade on complex and volatile markets with ease and comfort.We believe investors should only concentrate on executing trades as simply and efficiently as possible; the rest should be left to us.
  • Does Not Have Huge Requirements: The MT4 is relatively low on resources and does not require the computer to possess hi-end specs. Thus the disruption when trading on your computer or even smartphone is kept to a minimum. There is minimal lag time, thereby enabling tradesto be executed almost immediately.
  • Has a Full Set of Technical Tools Provided: The MT4 comes with complete technical analysis with over 50 indicators and charting tools, allowing traders to trade while analyzing the technical aspects of the market simultaneously. At the same time, the platform also allows users to receive online financial news while trading and allows users to view details such as account balance, trading records on the trading platform. This keeps the trader constantly aware of his trades and ensures he makes the optimal decisions at all times.
  • Allows for Customization of Trading Platform: In addition to allowing the trader to trade a variety of assets and currency crosses, MT4 also allows the trader to tailor the platform to meet his specific needs. This is a powerful feature, where the trader is able to decide which technical tools to apply to his particular platform so as to better aid his decisions in executing traits.