Web Trading Trade the financial markets on Dragon Leader Services Limited multi platforms

Trade the financial markets on Dragon Leader Services Limited multi platforms

  • A wide range of platforms including the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4)
  • No Extra Spread
  • STP advantages
  • Up to 1:400 leverage

What is STP ?

STP foreign exchange brokers will not benefit from customers'profits and losses. We will only levy a small commission fee on transactions.
STP trading mode is also called non-trader mode. Dragon Leader Services Limited sends customers'trading orders directly to the international market at the first time and trades according to the best quotation in the market.
As a result, banks are the dominant players in foreign exchange transactions, and Dragon Leader Services Limited will stay out of the market, and we will only make profits by levying a small fee on each customer's order.
As a STP broker, Dragon Leader Services Limited always stands with customers to ensure their trading experience with the most fair, fair and open services, so as to realize mutual benefit and coexistence with customers.

Low cost

Platform allows traders to connect directly with the market

Customer service with bare point difference quotation only charges very low commission

Strong Execution

No Dealing Desk

Low Trading Delay

Best server

Which product do you like to trade?


50 currency pairs with the tightest spread

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e.g. Gold, Silver and Crude Oil, with high level leverage

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Popular indices trading on Platform

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Fair trading and market price

More option for your trading

Simulated account

Simulated accounts can be easily opened in step, and you can experience the pleasure of trading. And it's free.

Opening Simulated account

Real Account

Open a real account, you will enjoy lower transaction costs, please consult online customer service for details.

Opening Real Accounts

Download MT4 Forex

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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is an advanced online trading platform customized by metaquotes for financial intermediaries.

It aims to provide financial intermediaries with trading platforms for their clients to trade financial products such as foreign exchange, contracts for differences, stocks and futures. With it, financial intermediary businesses can be developed to provide transaction services the global financial market.

The MT4 also accommodate almost any device, including iPad & iPhone.

Download PC MT4 Download IOS MT4 Download Android MT4

Fair trading and market price

Product Advantages

Fund Security
Fund Flows through trust account with 0 risk

Data Security
Backup copy by CME Group

1:100 standard leverage up to

1:400 available upon approval

STP Model


The Advantages of Dragon Leader Services Limited

At Dragon Leader Services Limited you can have access to our lightning fast servers with the best prices from the world's largest banks and liquidity providers.

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treatment and a ton of tools to help you succeed,
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Management Advantages

24 _ 7
trading support

Multiple Account Types

Separate individual trading accounts from Dragon Leader Services Limited account

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Application Test

  • 1. A _________ is equal to 0.01 for exchange rates expressed to two decimal places, or 0.0001 for exchange rates expressed to four decimal places.
  • 2. A _________ is used by most forex brokers to close out an open position at the end of the business day, and reopen an identical position as of the next day.
  • 3. A carry trade is based on the interest rate differential between two currencies. The idea is to hold _________ the currency with the higher interest rate, while holding _________ a currency with a lower interest rate.
  • 4. If you have positive carry, your position _________ money while it is open, but if you have negative carry, you must _________ interest while the position is open.
  • 5. "Trading on the technicals" refers to trading based on information derived from _________. This is also known as technical analysis.
  • 6. "Trading on the fundamentals" - or "trading the news" - describes traders that attempt to predict the effect _________ such as interest rate changes and labor reports will have on an exchange rate.
  • 7. Fundamental analysis is the study of _________ in an attempt to predict future market conditions.
  • 8. A _________ order is executed immediately when submitted and is priced at the current spot market rate.
  • 9. A _________ order is an order to buy or sell a currency, but only when certain conditions are met. These conditions are in the form of instructions and are attached when the order is first created.
  • 10. A limit order that has not yet been executed, is said to be _________.